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Tailor Made Tours

“Mysteries of Israel” is the only tour company that specializes in the spiritual traditions, mysteries and mysticism of this land, approaching them from a universal, humanistic point of view.

We can create a tour that will respond to your specific interests in and around these issues, with spiritual journeys available for both individuals and groups. Whether you seek to delve into earth mysteries and secret doctrines, to look for energy points or places for meditation, or to uncover the meaning behind symbolism and sacred art, we would like to be your reference point and agent in Israel.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any issue. We will be glad to help, even just to offer advice or direct you to where you need to be, to continue in your search.

"Mysteries of Israel," through our Disenhaus offices, can provide all kinds of accommodations, transportation, guiding, attractions, and other ground services, including flights and tours to Petra in Jordan and other destinations around the world.




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