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Desert Weekends

The desert responds to the inner needs of our souls, transferring us to other dimensions and allowing for the ultimate spiritual experience. This is why the desert has been an escape for mystics and renegades all throughout history:

Egyptians, the tribes of Israel, prophets, the Essenes, Jesus, early church fathers, monks and the Muslim Sufi saints - all found refuge and a home in the desert. We will make our home in the desert for a series of weekends, following in the footsteps of the ancients and trying to connect to our inner selves.

 Suggestions for weekends - upon request:

1. Mount Sinai – a journey to the southern Negev’s Mount Karkom, identified by some scholars as Mount Sinai. Visit ancient places of worship on the mountain and sleep at the foot of the mountain in sleeping bags.

2. The temple within us – we will visit ancient temples around Eilat: the Egyptian temple in Timna, the reconstruction of the tabernacle in Timna, the Leopard temple in Ovda and a modern temple in Neot Smadar - all echoing the temple within.

3. Extracting water from the rocks – following the Nabati culture in the Negev and their incredible achievements 2,000 years ago, we will visit the ancient cities of Avdat and Mamshit, and follow the desert trade routes

4. Zealots and the Essenes – the Judean desert was the home of the incredible Essenes and the stage for the final battle between the zealots and the Romans. We will visit Masada, the Qumran and the desert canyons.

5. three day tour to petra - long weekend - read more


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