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Since biblical times the Galilee has been considered a land of searchers and religion. Jesus walked here; the Jewish Kabala started here; different Islamic Sufi sects started in the Galilee and prospered here. The Druze faith established itself here, and even as late as the 19th century, a new religion was born in the Galilee - the Baha'i religion. Even today, the Galilee is the location of different Israeli spiritual communities. There is something about the land of the Galilee that makes a person turn towards God.

In our unique tours of the Galilee, we acquaint you with the spiritual traditions that developed, and are still present, here. The tours can be done as one-day excursions or combined into tours of several days.

We also offer a variety of accommodations, activities and authentic meals that can be combined with the tours. Among other things, we can organize meetings with Christian monks, Sufi sheikhs, Kabala artists, and other special people who live in the Galilee and with whom we are in close contact.

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