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Who Are We?

Israel is the land of religion, spirituality and culture. “Mysteries of Israel” specializes in these themes and offers you a unique experience. Our tours focus on ancient cultures, religion and mysticism: Kabala, Gnostic Christianity, Sufism, the goddess, pagan sacred sites, and more. Israel is a hidden treasure of human quest and spiritual traditions; it is the only country in the world that is sacred to 4 religions (including the Baha'i religion). All great cultures of the western world left their mark here, and most nations of the western world are represented here.

In our tours you will visit the sacred sites, great temples, churches, synagogues and mosques. You will meet with Sufi dervishes, nuns and monks from different spiritual Christian traditions, Kabala artists, rabbis and Hassidim, New Age practitioners, spiritual communities and other people from all parts of the Israeli mix of cultures and religions.

We will unravel for you the symbolism in the churches and Islamic art, show you traces of the Freemasons and other secret societies, connect you to the earth’s energies through megalithic stone circles, bring you to the most ancient cities in the world, and discover with you the great mysteries of this land

"Mysteries of Israel" is a joint cooperation of leading people from the tourism and spiritual realms in Israel, and is based on 30 years of experience in guiding Israeli and tourist groups in this field. We invite you to join us in a true experience of Israel, to help heal this land and turn it into a place of tolerance, enlightenment and peace.

Our team:
(All of our guides are licensed tour guides with many years of experience)

Zeev Ben Arie – founder, manager and guide

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our coming tours

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10-18.2.18 megalitic esoteric tour of israel , together with dr. sam osmanegich - read more



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