Mysteries of Israel | israel jordan mystery tour 2020

israel jordan mystery tour 2020

Magical mystery tour of the holy land 14-22/2/20 
(there is a possibility to add few more days petra tour - extra payment) 

Discover the secrets and mystic places of Israel, off the beaten track. Israel as a birthplace of:

  • Megalithic culture: visit to ancient stone circle and standing stones

  • All religions and mysticism, Gods and goddess revelation

  • Energy lines that cover our Planet, sacred sites

  • History of Canaanite, Persians, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Muslims, Crusaders and Ottomans in the Near East

Did you know?
Israel is considered to be the birthplace of the great megalithic cultures - those who built the great stone circles of Stonehenge and Avebury had their example in Israel.

Israel is also the birthplace of all religions and mysticism, the place of Gods revelation, and a center for energy lines that cover our Planet.

In this unique tour, we offer you an opportunity to discover the secret and mystic places of Israel, off the beaten track, with emphasis on the ancient cultures and their mystic and esoteric traditions: Sufism, Jewish kabala, Christian mysticism, Gnosticism, Holy Grail, the goddess and more.

guide - Zeev Ben Arie. a leading expert on esoteric traditions in Israel and jordan  focused in mysticism, religions and cultures; currently working on his PhD on sacred places in Israel
Zeev was born in Jerusalem in 1961. Raised by a mother who was an archeologist and a father who was geography professor specializing in Jerusalem, the talk around the dinner table was about king Herod…




Day 1 (Thursday, February 14, 2020) – Arrival

Arrival in Israel. Transfer to the Jerusalem, the holiest place in the world, birthplace of all western religions, home to many mystic traditions including the holy grail, Sufism, goddess worship and more, sacred architecture and art. We stay in a wonderful place within the old city. Introductory lecture on the mysteries of Israel and megalithic sites in the world by zeev ben arie.

Day 2mysteries of Jerusalem

We will start our tour by viewing the Temple Mount. For one thousand years, this was the site of the Jewish Temple, the most important and impressive building in the entire ancient world. Today it is the site of yet another impressive building – the Dome of the Rock. Visit the impressive archeological excavations of the southern and western walls of the Temple Mount; see models and presentations of the Temple in ancient times. Continue to the City of David – the ancient remains from thousands of years ago

In the afternoon, we will discover the secrets hidden in the architecture and art of the many churches of Jerusalem reveal esoteric traditions, like those of the Templars, the Freemasons, and others. Visit the holiest place in the world for most Christians: The Church of the Holy Sepulcher - the place where Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected. Discover the Holy Grail traditions and the appearance of the search for the Holy Grail in crusader times.

Evening lecture on First and Second Temple by Zeev.

Day 3 – Jerusalem and Bethlehem

We will start the day by visiting mount Zion, place of the last supper, than continue to the Via Dolorosa and other Christian sites in the old city, continue to the Mount of Olives. According to all three religions, the promised Messiah will come to Jerusalem at the end of times from this mountain to the east – a belief that has made the mountain sacred. Visit the ascension site that Christians and Muslims believe is the place of Jesus’ ascension, and some of the other churches on the mount, that have beautiful panoramic views of the city.

In the afternoon, we will drive to Bethlehem in the Palestinian territories to see the Church of Nativity and the Israeli story from the other side of the fence.

Night in Jerusalem.

Day 4 – Judean desert, Dead Sea, and Jordan River

Since antiquity, the Judean Desert has been a place of refuge for prophets, sages, mystic sects, hermits and renegades. Here John the Baptist worked, the Essenes lived, and the Christian monastic movement developed. The canyons and gorges of the desert conceal many secrets; the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea, is also a place of spiritual rebirth.

We will visit to Jericho, in the West Bank on Palestinian territory, considered by many to be the most ancient city on the world – 11,000 years old! Next stop is River Jordan and Baptismal site. From there continue to Qumran home of the Essenes, a spiritual community of healers and holy people that lived over 2,000 years ago, who practiced the sacred and secret Jewish traditions. Noon is good time to bathe at the Kalia Beach (weather permit) and eat lunch at the shores of the Dead Sea - the lowest place on earth!

In the evening we will return to Jerusalem, night in Jerusalem

Day 5Gezer monoliths, Maresha underground cities

In this day we will discover some surprising unknown sites, starting with the Maresha underground city, built by the ancient Edomite's, huge underground mysterious spaces, and the nearby caves.

We will continue to Gezer, very ancient city were the first alphabet writings in the world was found. The archeologists discovered huge Gezer Monoliths, which they cannot explain, brought there from far away.

Evening we arrive to a wonderful place in the heart of galilee, kibbutz guest house, and seminar center, night in the galilee

Day 6 - mysteries of the galilee

In the Golan Heights, we find the earliest stone circle in the world, 150 meters in diameter with surprising spiritual origin. Our tour begins by going to Rugum Hiri, a huge stone circle directed towards the rising of the sun on the longest day of the year. We will meditate in the place and feel the energies.

From there we will continue to the Sea of Galilee and visit the sacred Christian sites, where Jesus lived and operated. The place of the fish and bread, Kefar Nahum, Mount of Beatitude.

Overlooking the Sea of Galilee is and extinct volcano – this is the most sacred place in the world of the Druze sect – a mystic religion claiming for very ancient origins, starting in Egypt. This is another energy place of Israel.

Night in the Galilee.

Day 7 – Akko and Nazareth

We start the day by visiting Crusaders stronghold Akko (Acre) with impressive Citadel and a unique underground city and halls, opportunity to meditate and Explore the traditions of the holy grail that emerged in the city, and see the most sacred place to the Baha'i, a newly formed religion, in the world

We continue with Nazareth, see the place of annunciation, where the word became flesh. Have dinner at a sufi family and participate in ziker ceremony

Night in the Galilee.

Day 8 – haifa and mount carmel

On this day, we will discover the holy mountain of Carmel, One of the energy points of Israel and the beginning of the st Michel line. We will visit Megiddo- Armageddon, the main goddess temple of ancient Israel, the summit of muhraka, where prophet Elijah performed miracles and stela Maris, where he had a school for initiates
we will see Haifa and the Baha'i gardens, one of the world wonders. 

Night in the galilee

Day 9 - cesarea and appolonia 
we will  visit the roman city of cesarea on the coastal plain, a wonderfully preserved city. the crusador fortress and holy place of appolonia not far from tel aviv.a beautiful beach of the Mediterranean sea.  tour ends in tel aviv or ben gurion airport in the evening

Price: group of 16 and more 1480 € 

Price includes:

Airport pickup and drop out
Local Transportation and driver
8 nights in good beautiful guesthouses 
breakfasts and full Dinners
mineral water – 1 bottle a day
All entrance fees to archaeological sites, museums and national parks
Meeting with mystics 
Expert guidance of Zeev Ben Arie 

Price does not include:
international flights to and from Israel
Lunch box, sandwiches or picnic
Medical insurance

Security: If security concerns, the itinerary will be adjusted accordingly.

Notes: Price is based on minimum of 16 persons. This is exclusive tour with limited number of participants. Hiking shoes necessary. Organizers will satisfy vegetarian needs, Israel is tourist-oriented country with several millions visitors a year. Check before travel if visa is needed for Israel (

Weather: our experience shows that February is a very good month to visit Israel, you risk a few days of rain but on the other hand avoid intense heat that can appear even in March and April

Payment: In order to ensure your place - Down payment of 200 needs to be payed 
Full amount needed by January 14, 2020.


Testimonies from former tour (2019)

 Congratulations and thank you for this wonderful trip Zeev.

I came back delighted and filled with images and energy.
This trip combined the magic of places in Israel and Jordan with your deep spiritual and historical knowledge about them and about the different ancient civilisations.
Thank you also for the impeccable organisation and your availability.
Finally, I was touched by your sharing the intimacy of a homestay meal with the Sufi dance.
I will highly recommend this trip ! Alain

Alain Boudet
Spiritualité, Science et Développement

Testimonies from former tour (2018)

“Intense experience”

“I am proud to tell my friends that I visited non-touristic places. And being guided by two knowledgeable guys was great.”

“Zeev’s knowledge is indescribable. I was very impressed. I will encourage anyone to join in.”

“IAs for the tour it was so interesting and such a great experience to remember when you are back home. The Galilee, Golan Heights and Jerusalem were such a contrast. Wadi Rum and Petra were really special. This was a holiday of a lifetime for me and it has provided enduring memories.”

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